"The postings here are a spontaneous mix of musings, pearls of wisdom, questions to which I don’t have answers, quotes (source acknowledged wherever possible)…and anything else which takes my fancy… may be deep-and-meaningful—and it may not!
I wish you happy reading… may there be something here which resonates with you, gives you pause and an opportunity for quiet reflection." ~ AmayahGrace

Opening the Door

This was dropped into my awareness this morning:

COMPASSION and LOVE can only walk through a door that has been opened by RESPECT and GRATITUDE.

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Healing Bumps and Bruises

This is a simple process I use whenever I bump into something or stub my toe....I simply rub or hold that part of my body and say out loud "I'm sorry, body....I'm sorry.  Please forgive me".   And amazingly, the sore feeling goes away immediately— and my body doesn't bruise.  A friend was telling me recently that she'd told her child to do this when she fell off her bike....and healing was so much faster than it might otherwise have been. Someone else used the technique when they trapped their finger in a car door (and they forgave the car door, too)....

Give it a try, if (or when) you next need to.

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

As you start reading this, you may be wondering how the title relates to the topic.  Well, the title came at the end of a train of thought, so let me take you to the front of this particular train.

The engine (as it were) was me sweeping up leaves which had been blown down in the autumn/winter high wind...and I often receive messages when I'm being physically active - the shower's another great place for me, but today it was sweeping up leaves in the sunshine.   The first carriages of the train were all about people's skills. Initially, it was about the skill of the computer technician who so swiftly and expertly fixed my computer after it'd been hacked (thanks, Chris!).  Then I started thinking about how skilled all people are, no matter who they are or where they live in the world - skilled teachers, skilled parents, skilled healers, skilled mathematicians (don't know how they popped onto the train, but there you are!)...and all those people who are skilled at allowing themselves to follow their nudges and explore paths unknown (or, if they are known, to create another path from the known into the unknown), to create something new and more wonderful than what went before.

I was following this train until I got to the bit where I realised we are all of us skilled, each of us in our own way, and that we all need each other and our individual and unique skills at some time in our lives.  Think about it: if our ancestors hadn't become skilled at survival, I wouldn't be writing this - and you wouldn't be reading it.

And then I heard 'You are all standing on the shoulders of giants'.  Let us give thanks for the giants.

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Conformity and Uniformity

This topic was sparked one afternoon when I was driving past lots of young children (under 10 years old) on their way home from school. It was seeing these children dressed in their school uniforms that set me ruminating on uniforms and on uniformity, and how so many schools teach a uniform curriculum, a uniform way of thinking and of dressing.  While the uniform can be 'dressed up' as instilling pride in the school and making everyone equal, it also subtly teaches the importance of conforming to a particular set of rules (ours),  and it lends a sense of belonging and a distinction between 'us' and 'them'.  This is the purpose of all uniforms, no matter how obvious or how subtle they are.

And with the uniform comes conformity—of thinking, of behaviour.  I remember reading or hearing many years ago that most people are right-footed (i.e. when they walk, they lead with their right foot), and one of the ways the military instills obedience and conformity is by teaching recruits to lead with their left foot...left, right, left, right.

While I was having my little wander down this thought path, I found myself wondering about the ways I—and maybe you too—still conform in thinking and acting to the 'rules' set down by our families and society in general, and just how challenging it is to challenge those expectations, to leave the safety and comfort of conformity and to decide for ourselves how we think and how we find out who we truly are.

And as we do, our 'uniforms' become heart centredness, kindness and compassion....and that is how we recognise and honour each other.

Greetings.  A joy to meet you!  May you travel well.

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The Elephant and The Broomstick

Some weeks ago, I took a tumble which resulted in—among other things—my needing to wear a moonboot.  When people asked me what had happened, I would smile and change the subject because I explained that talking about it would keep the experience alive in my cellular structure.  One person though started laughing and told me that in her family they would tell people the most outlandish and imaginative story they could think of.

So I took that as a model and started telling people I had been trying to fly over an elephant when my broomstick got stuck....and, after they'd processed what I'd said, they'd start laughing—and so would I. 

What a glorious—and healing—way to change the energy!   

May you never need to use this strategy....if you do, though, please have the maximum amount of fun possible.  And laugh yourself back to healing.  As St Germain said:  'Laughter is the alchemy that changes everything".

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