Guided Meditations

All the processes on this page have been gifted to me.   Some of them I have used often—and to great effect—with my clients; others have been for my personal use.  I am now gifting them to you.  They are FREE.   Please use them with integrity and joy.

I have put pauses in the recordings to allow you time to complete each step of your journey….if you need longer at any stage, please use your Pause button, and only re-start when you are ready to move on.


Cutting the Cords

At a soul level, we enter into agreements or contracts with one another to be of assistance in our learning and ascension process.  These people are our great teachers, no matter how loving—or provoking—they are.  The result of the contract, and the interactions with that person or people in this lifetime, is that we have ties or cords linking us to that person, on any and all levels.  This process is to help you free yourself from those ties by cutting the cords that bind you.

Healing Pool Meditation

This meditation gives you the opportunity to forgive, release and let go of whatever it is that is holding you back right now, so you may free yourself and move forward with Ease, Grace and Joy.

Please note there is about a 10-second silence at the start of this meditation—to allow you time to settle after pressing the 'start' button.

End of Day Prayer and Invocation

I use this to express gratitude for my day, and to ensure that I don’t carry any of the day through into my sleep time.  You may like to listen to it as part of settling yourself for sleep.  After you have used it a few times, you may find yourself using your own words – please feel free to adopt, adapt and make it your own!

Some More Sleep Aids

To stop the Train of Thoughts (‘Busymind’) when you can’t sleep
(There is no audio attached to this process.)

When you find you're not sleeping and busymind is BUSY travelling on its train of thoughts…as soon as you become aware that you're thinking, stop at that thought.   Then, cast your mind back to your first thought (don’t get hung up on what your first thought was—just intend that you know what you first started thinking about).  Now, follow your train of thoughts from that first thought to the thought you'd stopped at.  You'll be truly amazed at some of the leaps and connections your mind makes!

And, what you will find happening is that you will be able to trace your thoughts up to a certain point—and then there’ll be a’ll be able to trace your thoughts after the gap, but not find the link between 'before' and 'after'......and you will fall asleep trying to find out.

....I think mind just gets bored and gives up!!!!!

And here is one more thing you can try to help relax you and allow your body to settle: try consciously relaxing all the muscles around your eyes…feel the tension leaving…and the energy of Peace arriving….allow your body and yourself to take the time it takes.  And then—relax all the muscles in your jaw….feel the tension leaving….and the energy of Peace arriving…allow your body and yourself to take the time it takes…. 

Sleep well – sweet dreams.

Love Yourself—and others—Unconditionally  
  Respect Your Choices—and those of others   
Honour Your Journey—and that of others