Life Coaching

Bringing Out the Best in You

Life Coaching with AmayahGrace offers effective tools and techniques to support you being more effective in your work and daily lives. You will learn a range of strategies for bringing out the best in yourself and others. This work can include some healing to support you dealing with any underlying issue. 

Most clients typically book a series of four one-hour sessions;   if this feels right for you, you will receive tools and techniques to apply to your immediate circumstances; then, at the start of the following session, we will debrief your progress (how well did you do?) and offer any refinements before moving on.

These sessions can be easily facilitated over the phone or by Skype. Please indicate which you prefer when making your booking.

Cost : $120 per session

Love Yourself—and others—Unconditionally  
  Respect Your Choices—and those of others   
Honour Your Journey—and that of others