Light Language

Light Language is an energy of a high vibration and resonance channelled as sound through the physical body of a practitioner. It is this physical dimension that means there are many different forms of Light Language.

Just as all healing practitioners bring their own unique set of skills and abilities to their work, so it is with Light Language. Some practitioners can tell you where the energy or message comes from, some can ‘translate’ the message into human language. Some use this channelled energy for activations, some use it for healing.

A Light Language Message of Welcome, Peace and Love

To give you an idea of whether you would feel comfortable receiving healing in the form of Light Language, I have recorded this greeting which carries the energy of Welcome, Peace and Love.

Sending a Light Language Greeting to Someone Important to You

A few months ago, I was 'told' to send a Light Language message to a friend of mine on her birthday, which I did during a phone call. I understood it was a message of Love and Celebration. My friend said she could feel the energy and resonance of both Love and Celebration through her whole energy field.

If you'd like to send a special, unique message to someone on a special occasion in their lives—Happy Birthday, Happy Christmas/New Year, Congratulations (on an important event – birth, graduation, wedding. starting a new job, moving to a new home), Get Well Soon, Good Luck—then all you have to do is to email me at with:

  • the name of the person
  • the event you want to help them celebrate - and any other message you would like included
  • the date you want them to receive the message
  • the person’s email address
  • a full-length photo of them (no-one else in the picture)

….and I will email them their specially channelled Light Language message in an mp3 saying it's from you and why. And I will email you a copy.

Cost : $25       This is an introductory offer

Healing with Light Language

Healing energy in the form of Light Language comes through me as a transmission of the energies to help you clear and heal. If this form of sound and energy healing feels right for you, please simply send me an email, tell me what it is you are wanting to clear and heal, and attach a full-length photo of yourself.

I will then send you your own specific Light Language healing as three separate mp3 audio files, which you will be able to listen to and work with in your own time.

Cost : 60.00

Love Yourself—and others—Unconditionally  
  Respect Your Choices—and those of others   
Honour Your Journey—and that of others