The Torus Technique

I was taught this process some years ago by Verna Maruata who received it from Sanat Kumara.  I have put a link to Verna’s website and a full explanation and description of the Torus technique below, just before the audio track. For more information on the Torus technique, including some helpful illustrations, please use this link:

I have put pauses in the recordings to allow you time to complete each step of your journey….if you need longer at any stage, please use your Pause button, and only re-start when you are ready to move on.


The Torus Technique for Meditation and Deep Inner Connection

You are a multidimensional spiritual Being having a physical experience.  It is easy for us to forget this—and to think we are a limited person in a physical body—when truly we are much, much more.  The Torus can be a vehicle for you to explore more of your multi-dimensional Divine self.

A Torus is a contained and constructed unit of energy.  It looks like a ring doughnut.  It holds energy from all the dimensions and all the planes—it exists through all time and space.  The energy within the Torus cannot escape outwards—it is its own “ring pass not”.   It is a contained unit within which you are in a state of Unity Consciousness with yourself.

Your Torus links your Divine Mind with your Sacred Heart with your Soul.  Just listen to this track and I will tell you how.

Enjoy your Torus—I suggest that you begin each meditation with this practice—it brings a greater sense of peace and balance to the experience.

Using the Torus Technique to Connect with your Ascension Master

Just as you have created your own Torus, the Masters all live on their own Torus—they are always in touch with their highest consciousness.

To deepen your communication with the Masters—and in particular your own Ascension Master—you can create a Group Torus.

This is a wonderful opportunity to sit in meditation with your Ascension Master and allow the Master’s energies flow into you.   When you are ready, you may receive teachings or direction.   In most cases, though, the Master will take this opportunity to give healing and to work with you on higher levels.  You are completely contained within the Torus and protected.   Remember—nothing else can enter the exchange that isn’t invited.

Other Ways of Working with a Group Torus

You can invite as many as you like onto a Group Torus—excellent for a meditation group or healing group.   A unity consciousness or group consciousness forms, which is perfect for a group working on the same project i.e. earth healing, for the group then works as a single unit—One Mind, One Heart, One Soul.

Love Yourself—and others—Unconditionally  
  Respect Your Choices—and those of others   
Honour Your Journey—and that of others