Wanting to make some changes in your life but are just not sure how—or where—to start?


Coaching and mentoring offers help to clarify your intentions, and to identify some steps you might take along the way. The process involves regular check-ins, as well as effective tools and techniques to support your progress, including any healing/clearing that might make your progress easier. 

Remember.....progress is not necessarily in a straight line or at an even pace. There is an apocryphal story that the first moon rocket (in 1969—so long ago now) was on course only 7% of the journey .....the rest of the time was spent in course corrections. A coach or mentor can help you stay on course. 

Your first session would be to establish what you are wanting to achieve, and to identify some of the blocks there might be in the way. We would agree some steps for you to take and then, in the following session(s), talk over your progress and set in further actions.


This work can be by phone or by Skype/FaceTime. Just let me know which works best for you when you make your booking. And if you would like a free 10-minute chat  to help you decide if this is the right action for you, please get in touch.

Allow Coaching/Mentoring to Bring Out the Best in you.


Cost : $120 per session.

Bringing Out the Best in You

I remember to this day, how to receive with joy, pay with joy, and just be JOY! With joy and gratitude, life flows. Everything is just perfect. Bless you always. xxx

Auckland, New Zealand

AmayahGrace is one of the most inspirational women I have met. I have undergone professional supervision, and healing, under her gentle and empowering style. She creates a safe space for you and allows you to find your own answers, and seeks to shift energies which no longer serve your purpose in a way that feels 'safe', nurturing and simply 'ok'. She is warm with her embrace, highly skilled in all areas of life and regularly stays in touch. Many thanks for your continued light and blessings and wisdom. Words can't express my gratitude for your guidance and support over the years....Eternally grateful.....

Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you for your gentle and loving coaching sessions. I felt completely supported while also being challenged to face some things that I often overlooked.



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