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A Blast from the Past

This fell off the end of my pen some five years ago, and I had put it away - only to find it again when I was sorting through some old papers. It feels as relevant now as it did then, so here it is :

We live in a free-will world, so we are free moment by moment to create how our world is.

We are free to create our thoughts — and our thoughts in turn are the energy that creates our world.

Our thoughts and our intentions are made manifest — simply because that is the way the Universe works... energy responds to energy.

And if there is something that is in our world that causes us to hit an 'energy bump' — like a judderbar in the road — then we have created at least the opportunity to examine/explore what it is that is causing us discomfort.

So — with the choice we have to create our own world, comes the attendant responsibility to do something with the outcome....whether it's to offer up a prayer of thanks (being in Gratitude) or to explore the depths of why a button got pushed (even if we consciously had no idea there was a button to be pushed).

Moment by moment we are — consciously or unconsciously — creating the world we live in. We are constantly plucking from the Sea of Potentials what it is we are seeking to experience — be it a parking space in a crowded street, a glorious sunset, an invitation we've been quietly yearning for...or something which initially may appear as negative and the last thing we could possibly want but which turns out to be the catalyst for a major change in our life.

Welcome it all with open arms because, positive or negative, it is all simply experience — and experience is what we came here for.

All we have to do is to be willing to respond (response-able) to each event — to be open to its teachings, and to be in awe of just how powerful we are to have created such a magnificent experience.

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