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A Teaching from Dom Ignacio

As you may know, Dom Ignacio helps with healing on the physical and etheric bodies, and he is part of my specialised Ascended Master healing team. I recently asked him for a teaching, and he immediately showed me blood flowing though a vein. When I asked why he was showing me this, he took me to an image of a heart pumping blood. He then asked me to put an emotion into my physical heart (not my heart chakra) and to feel it being pumped to all parts of my body. So...I chose Joy and visualised Joy being carried by my blood throughout my body. My body immediately felt warm and expanded. To test the process, I then put Anger into my physical heart—and my body felt contracted and cold. Of course I didn't want to leave that feeling there any longer than necessary, so I changed what was in my physical heart to Delight and, as my blood carried Delight around my body, she straightaway warmed up and felt lighter and more expanded.

Because we are energetic Beings having a physical existence, Dom Ignacio tells me that we can use our bodies to transmit healing to ourselves...particularly useful for so many of us Lightworkers who find it so challenging to be grounded in our bodies!

Thank you Dom Ignacio!