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Respect Your Choices—and those of others

Love Yourself—and others—Unconditionally

Honour Your Journey—and that of others

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Be Very Aware of Your Focus

REMEMBER : What you focus on expands….and….where energy flows, consciousness grows. Don't think about this….FEEL about this—and keep feeling about it until you recognise the truth of it.

Feel—know—how different it feels inside when you focus your attention on what makes you feel good, brings you joy and hope and love. Yes, there are horrid things going on 'out there', but focussing on them only feeds them and allows them to grow in your conscious awareness.

Please do not allow them into your reality. Become super-vigilant about what you think, feel, say, read, listen to, watch. Exercise your wisest discernment about this—whenever someone wants you to focus on what's not working, tune them out/change channels/switch off, and instead turn your attention to what is working in your life—and your world.

Do what you need to do to honour you, celebrate you, love you—and your reality will change. And in the process, it will help you keep your energies high and light.

Here's a phrase to focus on : the Peace that passes all understanding. I know it's a misquote from the bible, however when I focus on it and allow myself to feel it, everything else fades away and all I have is Peace and Love. There is no space in my heart—in my reality—for anything else.

And when you can feel it too, then together we can change the world!