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Cellular Memory

During a lovely, exploring conversation yesterday (don't you treasure those sorts of conversations?), I became aware that clients come to me because they are experiencing cellular memory of some form of trauma (grief, loss, anger, abandonment, worthlessness whatever it may be) from this or other lifetimes. And I got to wondering why it is that we hold the cellular memory of trauma and yet we don't seem to hold the cellular memory of Love (rather than its loss), of Peace (rather than of war), of Joy (rather than despair).  I'm not saying that we don't, just that if we do then it's more hidden.

And as I'm writing this, I'm coming to realise that maybe it's because trauma carries a denser energy which can squash the lighter/higher vibrations of Love and Compassion.  Maybe too, until we can recognise and clear the cause of our trauma, these higher vibrations can only express themselves as instinctive actions of helping, caring, supporting.  Once we do the clearing, then we can get back to our core state of Being - which is Love and Compassion.

I so love conversations that lead to wondering—which leads to wonder....don't you?