We read and hear so often about the need to love ourselves, and some of us find that these are great words but they don't carry meaning for us. So easy to say, not so easy to do.

When I was working with a client the other day, I was given the word 'cherish'….for them to cherish themselves. 'Cherish' may be a slightly old-fashioned word, but for me it carries the energy of a gentle embrace.…the loving arms of a parent who makes everything ok, and who restores our faith in ourselves.

According to the dictionary, 'cherish' means to adore, hold dear (those loving arms again!), revere, esteem, treasure, prize, nurture—as well as to love.

For those who find loving themselves is a step too far right now, maybe the idea of cherishing is easier. Please try it—feel how it feels to hold yourself dear.

And think/feel/know how different our world will be when we are able to cherish it and all it contains : sending the energies of revering, treasuring and nurturing to every man, woman and child (ourselves included) in the world, and having reverence for all the wonders and gifts this beautiful blue-green planet gives us.

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Respect Your Choices—and those of others

Love Yourself—and others—Unconditionally

Honour Your Journey—and that of others

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