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Home Town Disadvantage

Have you had the experience of talking to people who are visitors to your home town, and finding they know more about the place than you do? Their explorings are prompted by their interest or curiosity, and lead them to discover places you probably haven't even heard of - let alone visited! Weird, huh? In our home town, we only know the places we need to know (which we could call our comfort zone), and they represent only a very narrow view of the town itself.

In many ways, this is a great analogy for our unwillingness to see/know new things about ourselves: our comfort zone may be small, but at least it's familiar. It is defined by our core beliefs, our life experiences and our story—and, for a while at least, it's all we need. It takes a visitor or something out of the ordinary to encourage us to explore somewhere new and to show us we are so much more.

It takes great courage to be willing to start finding out Who We Are, but it's only in this deep exploring that we can discover and uncover our truth. Our journey may take some uncomfortable twists and turns before we get to where we can do the healing and clearing we need so we can leave our baggage behind and lighten our selves. The further we progress on the journey, the less constrained we are by what we thought we knew and our expanded Self experiences ever more Joy, Freedom and Lightness of Being. This expansion is one of the essential parts of our Ascension journey.

So - stop waiting for others to tell you about your home town. Get out your own internal Google Map (the only passport you'll need is your courage and willingness), and start having fun exploring and finding out the Truth and Beauty of Who You Are.