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It's Simple—AND It's Easy!

How often have you heard people say something simple and profound that you know is one of the keys to living a more evolved life? Things like: 'stay in your heart, not your head', things like 'Love is all you need', 'send Love to those who anger/annoy/hurt you'. So simple when you hear someone else say it….and not so easy to do or even remember to do.

Well…here is something that is both simple AND easy, and I promise you it will raise your vibration and instantly bring you Joy and Happiness. Before I do the 'big reveal', please indulge me as I give you the story behind this.

I've recently been practising being aware of—and celebrating—my successes…all of them, no matter how big or how small. On Monday this week, I stepped into unknown territory and did something for the first time…and I was really pleased with the outcome. On Tuesday morning in the shower (that grand place for inspirations of all kinds), I was replaying Monday's success, and I heard a voice say: 'And who's a clever girl then?'… and I replied: 'Me, Me, ME!'….and burst out laughing. I said it again and again - just for the sheer joy of it - who's a clever girl then? Me Me ME….and each time I felt more joyous, more successful, more celebrated. I really GOT it.

And it's true. For me to have done everything I've done—all the learning and growing—in my life, and to have stuck with it even though there were times when all I wanted was to go Home...yes, I AM clever. And because saying it was so much fun and so affirming of ME, I told several of my friends and got them to repeat it back to me so they were saying it too…and every time we would start laughing and feeling so much Joy.

There is something about these words that raises the vibration of anyone who says them AS IF they mean them. Try it and see. And it works just as well for the guys - just change the words to 'And who's a clever boy then? Me! Me! ME!'.

It feels as if there's something very profound about the simplicity and ease of this. It seems to speak directly to our Inner Child, and to the Light we brought with us from Home. Maybe it's our Soul acknowledging the courage we needed to come here, to forget Home, so we could begin the process of remembering—again! As I'm writing this, I'm seeing hundreds of children laughing, playing, dancing, singing…so much Freedom and Joy and Delight!

What change could we make in this world when we start saying to our Inner Child 'And who's a clever girl/boy then? Me! Me! ME!'….and when we encourage him or her to know just how very special we KNOW they are.

Maybe this is one of the simple things we can do to change the world—and it's so easy!