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Respect Your Choices—and those of others

Love Yourself—and others—Unconditionally

Honour Your Journey—and that of others

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Love and Comfort

As we go through our processes of clearing old, outmoded thoughts and beliefs, many of us are finding ourselves revisiting past events, choices and their consequences.  This has been happening to/for me, and I've found myself surprised and amazed at memories which have lain dormant for years suddenly making their presence known.  

I would normally use the energies of Love and Forgiveness in a three-stage process to clear them: flooding Love and Forgiveness to the incident, to myself for whatever it was I did or didn't do, and to anyone else who might have got caught up in the event.  And this works just fine as a clearing/healing process.  

However—don't you just love sentences which start with 'however'?—the other day I was exploring one such memory a little deeper, and became aware of great compassion for the 'me' at the centre of this incident because she was acting/reacting from an unresolved childhood issue.  I found my compassion for her had taken her into my heart where I flooded her with Love and Comfort.  And I was amazed at how quickly that simple act healed her and the incident. 

As a follow-on from that, just the next day I was planning to do something I was really uncertain about when I became almost incapacitated by a very old fear—again from childhood days.  So I did the Love-and-Comfort thing….it took a while for the feeling to dissolve completely but when it did I immediately felt so much lighter, and was energised  to tackle the task.  I'm sure you know what happened…it was deliciously easy and I met with wonderful, unforeseeable help and support along the way.  And, I'm writing this with a huge grin on my face as I recall the joy and freedom—and delight—of the whole experience.  

So, if you have a time when you are frozen by an old fear (or you fear you might be) and you feel this may help you, please give yourself full permission to play with Love and Comfort.