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Striking the Right Note

We all have our own favorite types of music—classical, pop, country, jazz, 'new age' etc—which means that we resonate to the vibration of that sort of music because somehow it harmonises with our own vibration, and this just doesn't happen with our non-favourite sorts of music. Therefore it's logical that the music we most resonate with changes as we change vibration. Have you noticed that?

On a slightly different note—please pardon the pun—I became aware some years ago that the lyrics of many of the most popular songs then (and maybe now too) were all about being a victim—'he's left me', 'I need you', 'I'm nothing without you', 'please don't go' (and don't even get me started on country music ballads!)…. These lyrics came packaged with some very catchy melodies which could stay in my head all day, and this meant that, whether I was singing the words or not, they were embedded with the music, so they were with me on a subliminal level.

Was I resonating to the vibration of the music or the vibe given off by the words? I'd like to think it was to the music, but I don't know because back then I was nowhere near as aware as I am now. What I do know is that how we language our world to ourselves—what we tell ourselves about how our world is and our place in it—is in large part how we create our world.

So—my gratitude and thanks to the wisdom and joyous creativity of John Lennon : All you need is Love.

And that's such good note to end on...

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