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Love Yourself—and others—Unconditionally

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When anyone said the 'S' word to me, my immediate reaction (yes, reaction) was to have a hissy-fit—I knew they were right….and it was the last thing I wanted to hear because I had such a challenge with surrender. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I realised much later that part of my reaction had to do with cellular memories around instances of being forced to surrender—of being beaten, failing, being on the losing side, being forced into a situation I didn't choose, being overcome, etc etc. You may be able to think of some more….

And then, a while ago, I was talking with a colleague about surrender and how so many of us find it such a challenge. She asked me if I had a cellular memory of drowning, and I said yes. So, she asked me to relive the experience of being under water, not being able to breathe, struggling for survival….and then she said: Now—let go. And I did….and was immediately filled with such peace—it was so beautiful.

So—what a completely different experience of surrender….giving away the struggle and letting go—and letting God. And finding peace in the process. Beautiful.

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