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Respect Your Choices—and those of others

Love Yourself—and others—Unconditionally

Honour Your Journey—and that of others

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The Great Step Forward

'If I were to do only one thing differently to help raise my consciousness, what would it be?' This question came up in a conversation over the weekend and, while my response was specific for the person who asked it, it may well apply to others.

My reply? 'Stop playing the victim and start taking responsibility for your life.'

So many of us spray blame around - our parents, our teachers, God, life in general - and live our lives from a position of victim and powerlessness. It is time now to stop the game - time to start to take responsibility for the choices we make (and, by the way, not choosing is also a choice) that lead to the events in our lives. When we do this, and are able to learn the lessons inherent in these events, then we take back our power and start to free ourselves from the dross and karma of choices in previous lifetimes.

Before we come into this physical existence, our Souls choose the lessons we want to learn this time, and call for those Souls who were willing - out of Love - to help support us in our learning and growth. So, when we have the experiences, they are what we asked for. Some of these experiences may be extremely challenging, however our greatest growth lies in learning the lessons they provide for us, in being able to stand back from our human-ness and be dispassionate as we observe the bigger picture.

This is the journey to freedom, through acceptance and forgiveness - to Love and gratitude...for others involved and most especially for ourselves.