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The Masks We Wear

In a recent conversation, the topic came up of celebrities speaking out about their passion for humanity and the planet we live on, and of our joy and delight (and surprise in some cases) that they were, and how we'd never have known that this caring, passion and compassion lay within these public figures, whether we resonated with their work or not.

If well-known people can use their names to bring such issues to the awareness of many more of us, that's great Service—and as with all Service it requires a willingness to stand up without a mask and speak your truth.

And I got to thinking about masks—how actors and comedians are playing roles (wearing masks), and we—the public—don't normally get to see who they are without them. And then I got to thinking about the masks we all wear.…the public persona behind which we hide our insecurities and negativities….no matter whether our 'public' is many people or just one (or sometimes even ourselves). How challenging—and terrifying—it can be to take off our masks and allow ourselves to be seen for who we truly are.

If we are seeking connection, then this is the work we must do….finding the courage and the commitment to go beyond our fears and vulnerabilities to find the gold on the other side.

Cosmic Master Ganesh—the remover of obstacles and the destroyer of sorrows—is here to help heal the deep emotional scaring we can bring through from other lifetimes. It is said that the elephant mask was given to him by the god Vishnu because, when Ganesh was a baby, one of the other gods gave him the evil eye and burned his face. No wonder then that he has so much love and compassion for those of us who are hiding behind our masks and working through issues of hurt and trust and vulnerability. Call on him.