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The Wisdom of your Inner Child

I woke yesterday morning feeling flat, heavy and dull - as if I'd been travelling and working hard during the night (not that I had any memory of it). I continued to feel out of sorts for a while, asking my own healing team to clear whatever was sitting with me because I couldn't identify it. (I knew that as soon as I got clarity I could fix it.) They clearly needed me to sort this out for myself and prompted me to ask my Inner Child. The response was immediate - 'Feeling sad', without needing to know what the sadness was about, I comforted my little one. And - as is the way with all children - as soon as her needs were met, she was fine again.

So - a tip for you....if you ever experience that dull, flat feeling (or you're just feeling out of sorts and you don't know why) - just ask your Inner Child. He/she knows and will tell you - and then it's up to you, the Adult You, to do what you can to make your little one feel better.