I'm a little slow on getting through your suggested meditations but I finally did, and want to tell you about my most wonderful, beautiful experience with the Healing Pool. I was received with open arms by Lady Nada, Jesus, and Hilarion. At the end Jesus held out a golden heart for me, it was beaming with golden light. He placed it in my heart chakra. I'm not sure exactly what this beautiful gift is, but it was an amazing gift and experience.
Thank you for sharing this meditation with me and everyone else who comes across it. I already sent it to my sister and as she has not used it yet, I'm sure she will when the time is right for her.
Much love to you ❤️

Wisconsin, USA

What a privilege and honour to find someone as gentle, kind, wise and supportive as AmayahGrace to take you through a journey of forgiveness and release of a situation that was disruptive, emotionally draining and the potential to be carried forward without resolution without her guidance in letting go. Now there is release, there is freedom, there is space and there is love. There is also Light and Truth and Love. Thank you. The gift of time spent with AmayahGrace is a gift to yourself, to your family and friends and to your community. Blessings.

Auckland, New Zealand

You have really caused a wonderful light to go on in my world.

London, UK

(January 2017 Webinar )

Hello "amazing facilitator" and divine Masters your seminar was awesome 🙏🏻 thank you so much from my heart! 💝 Your words and messages were empowering and the angel light language was off the scale, I was between worlds flowing in a river of pink which was full of alchemical symbols. Just blissful ...!! Wow!! xxx 🌟

Liverpool, UK

I was truly honoured and blessed to have had an Inner Child healing session with the beautiful AmayahGrace. What am amazing session it was to start off the healing process, it was very clear, gentle, supportive and full of unconditional love and compassion. In just a few hours the process began unfolding as further versions of my child self at different ages joined in the healing which I led with love, understanding, comforting, reassurance, praise and sharing together. This is an ongoing beautiful process of recognising intuitively what each version of your child self needs and spending time each day re-connecting together individually and in the group as part of the whole-self.
Just like Russian dolls and how they fit so beautifully with one another to make one doll and yet each doll is distinctive in its own right. By spending this time together the healing takes place, the needs of all and the one are meet and healing and release and re-integration takes place. A beautiful process! I felt fully supported throughout and the follow up session with AmayahGrace was wonderful. Heartfelt Thanks to All present for the Grace and Love of this process!
To Beautiful AmayahGrace, you are Grace itself...."Perfect"! and to the Guides and Masters, I feel totally blessed by your presence and guidance in every moment.

When AmayahGrace recommended the Forgive and Release healing, I intuitively knew that this healing was exactly what was required. As soon as the intention was set for the healing, I developed lower back pain which seemed to herald that which needed to be released from my energy field. This beautiful, profound and deep healing process was supported throughout by the unconditional love and gentle support of AmayahGrace and her wonderful team of Ascended Masters. After the healing my back pain was immediately relieved and I felt increasingly clearer, lighter and uplifted as the process completed. Heartfelt thanks is given to AmayahGrace and the Ascended Aasters from all, across time and space, who benefitted from the gift and grace of this amazing healing. Namaste.

Liverpool, UK

Your words in this document (Going into Hospital) are kind and supportive and also open and allowing. A valuable piece of work! May the four winds carry this message to those that need this guiding light. May the four winds carry this message across the tree tops to the one's who can share, influence and inspire change in our medical institutions. Champions of this message arise!

Tauranga, New Zealand

I feel so peaceful in my heart center. Thank you so much for the inner child healing. I'm already having exciting ideas of creative ways to engage my inner children in a joyful way. Thank you much for this healing, it was wonderful. Let me add that this gentle loving energy is just what I need and what I'd been longing for. I've tried all these years to make myself right by being hard on myself and it's never worked. So glad this time to heal finally came! Thank you and much love.

Just to let you know that my outlook's still remaining altered positively thanks to the session with you. I feel within that I am responsible for any negative action of mine and am able to correct it easily. There's no blame remaining either. Whew! What a relief.
Before I took that up with you, I saw some testimonials on your site, to get an idea of what it's like to work with you...and when I saw person after person had said that your energy was very soft and gentle, I hesitated a little wondering if that was 'enough' or right for me. But it was and am so glad I did it. Now I know change doesn't have to be forceful, powerful or dramatic like I used to picture. I use this knowledge now as I continue growing and expanding. Life is flowing so peacefully and smoothly!

Chennai, India

Dear AmayahGrace. Thank you for guiding me and showing me how to experience this journey in life in an amazing, beautiful way! God bless you always.

Auckland, New Zealand

This (Sound Card) was such a cool gift…thank you.  I will play it often.  I feel very blessed.  The light language is so interesting.

New York, USA

Thank you for your healing session this week. It was delightful to visit the decades and to see the younger years, which made me feel content. There is a sense of calm, lightness within my persona, and a knowing that "all is well". Each time there is an irksome thought that it is not well, the light shines through saying "all is well". I appreciate your time and energy, and feel safe in my world.

Auckland, New Zealand

It has been a year of releasing layers and at times I didn’t have the answers…….then I contacted AmayahGrace and the door opened again. I recommend the TraumaClear healing with AmayahGrace, with her calmness and gentle energy. My session was amazing as it helped me to release trauma after carrying it for many, many years. Like Spring, I'm now ready to move on with the “newness” of everything. Last year, I was blessed to have a Healing the Heart of the Matter with AmayahGrace too when I was stuck and at a crossroads. This I found to be amazing also, and it helped me find the confidence to move on. I have recommended your blessed healings to my friends. Namaste

Tauranga, New Zealand

My TraumaClear session 24 hours after I was involved in a car accident was such a safe and loving experience via Skype. Not only have I slept with such peace of mind ever since, I also embrace the present moment with clarity and gratitude with more depth of feeling, plus I'm noticing synchronicities and future possibilities avail. Thank you so much AmayahGrace - a real gift from your vast inner wisdom and imparted with such love and tenderness. Blessings

Mangawhai, New Zealand

Hi everyone—just like to share with you my amazing session with AmayahGrace with her TraumaClear healing. At the age of 13, I experienced a huge trauma in my life and have carried it round with me for a long time, not understanding how it had shaped my choices in life. After we talked [by Skype] I understood so much of what had been going on with carrying that burden. I have now been able to drop off that very heavy load, and that little 13 year old girl is free and happy. I am now 59 and it's never to late to deal with these traumas we have in our life. If you're unsure, please try this and free yourself to move forward with your life. With much love to you all from a happy free lady.

Nottingham, UK

I find it hard to quite know where to begin to thank you for the astonishing healing you gave me. I had been reduced to a very very low level, and utterly exhausted, carrying a childhood wound for over 70 years. With Lady Nada you carried out a huge healing which among other benefits, improved my sleeping no end. Just over a week ago, you phoned me to say Lady Nada wanted you to give me a further healing,...we were due to leave on a long journey which always made me very apprehensive. I had never shared this with you and yet amazingly, to me, Lady Nada knew and your further healing enabled me to have, for the first time, an anxiety-free journey. I am so grateful and astounded by what you are able to achieve with your healing. It feels that you have got to the real core of things for me, and this will enable me, I feel sure, to go ahead in a quite different way.
Bless you AmayahGrace, and bless all that you do.

London, UK

Thank you for supporting me this past year with all your Kindness, Compassion and Love.
Thank you for holding the space in which I could feel safe, loved and respected....
Thank you for guiding me with your wisdom.        
I personally find it a great honour to have worked with you.        
I always felt great compassion and purity in the space you held.        
That is why it was no surprise for me to find out that your higher self rays were 3-3-3-3-3.
It is indeed a great honour for me to work with someone who has passed their sixth initiation.        
Thank you for your generosity of time and energy.        
I am indeed blessed that the Masters led me to you....
Thank you for your integrity


It is such a joyful experience working with AmayahGrace.  Her perceptiveness is a gift to one struggling to make sense of what is happening in this time of such great change, both on the personal and world levels.  Working to make changes in oneself can be daunting and clarity hard to find as we work to ascend - her gentle guidance and humour have helped me to get through challenges so much easier than trying to work through them without help.  As you can see I thoroughly recommend choosing AmayahGrace to help you - I truly bless the day I found her.  I do realise that "them upstairs" have a lot to do with it but it takes a special person with special skills to do what she does so well.

Queensland, Australia

I closed my eyes and, as I set the intention, was immediately transported to the place where I met my Inner Child and did what you taught me to. Yes, I discovered more of what she wanted to do....It was really beautiful all she did....I cried again….was very healing. Thank you for the email....I never knew how little children wanted to be treated until is very new to me..... I like doing's very meaningful and healing and very heart opening and heart-warming…

Thank you loads....

I can see my guides with me and little (name) in the place, and I feel very touched with so much love:-)

Thank you for the healing and advice today. I finally have the closure and clarity I need, and the seeking within me is completed. I now feel better equipped to deal with my inner challenges. I finally am able to use the swords to take back my own power. A part of my journey feels complete now. I feel more at peace within myself.

Thank you.


AmayahGrace is the most amazing lady! I would most certainly advise anyone to seek out her help and assistance in dealing with issues that they want sorted and released from! AmayahGrace took me through "past life clearing" the other day and straight away I felt the difference in my being! It is still working away in my body and soul as we speak, so it doesn't stop working the moment you finish doing this. And the most amazing thing was we did this clearing over the phone! At all times AmayahGrace made me feel safe, cared about and she was very gentle, but insistent on doing the very best for me. Take it from me, that if you want to move forward in your journey, than this is the lady to see.

Rotorua, New Zealand

I have had many healings in my life, and I can honestly say that the healings I have had from AmayahGrace are extremely gentle and profound.  Before I had a healing I was feeling lost, confused, scared and stuck.  Instantly after, I felt uplifted.  Then, the following day, it was very easy for me to laugh, feel joyful and excited about my future, and back on track - like a light had been switched on.

Tauranga, New Zealand

Thank you so much for your benevolence! It is amazing how fast you have been able to communicate with me and got a marvelous job done. Your recommendation, schedule, healing session and service delivery were so timely there is none like yours. In fact, I have never had a healing so comprehensive that practically dealt with all my problems. I shall order the violet flame and grounding oils as you suggested. I wonder if I need to report back to you or would you let me know if I need to order another service by you. Well, without worrying about the future, please allow me to thank you profusely from the bottom of my heart. May the Creator preserve you to continue your serving to humanity.

Maryland, USA

I have had many healings with AmayahGrace and have always found her honesty, integrity and sensitivity to be of the highest. She has supported me in many aspects of my life and I always come away 'knowing' changes have taken place. She has helped me work through energy blocks, fears and upsets by using her healing and release techniques. She is very understanding, calm and supportive which helps put you at ease and makes you feel comfortable. This has enabled me to have the faith and trust to open myself up fully to allow my healing to take place.

I highly recommend AmayahGrace to anybody who is ready to take the next step on their healing journey. 

Papamoa, New Zealand

How does one put into words what is beyond words? My sessions with AmayahGrace are profound yet gentle. Her sessions always provide support for a shift in perspective and the feeling body. I am always gifted with the remembrance of my own divinity, and an expanded awareness, of love and self trust........ 

Auckland, New Zealand

I have had healing sessions with AmayahGrace, both hands on and distant by phone. With her guides, AmayahGrace facilitates with quiet and gentle energy, putting one at ease and assisting to create a space where opportunity for change can occur. Her patient and intuitive approach promotes relaxation, subtle release and timely transition. I also know her personally and find her thoughtful and fun.

Hamilton, New Zealand

AmayahGrace has helped me enormously on many levels on personal issues and shifted many barriers I had placed on myself. Plus she is always very warm and friendly and professional.

Auckland, New Zealand

I have had many sessions with AmayahGrace over the years, and the difference between the ‘me’ when we first started and the ‘me’ now is enormous: I feel so much more centered and peaceful, I know I am lighter in my contacts with others, and I am aware that I love myself so much more than I did. She really does get to the heart of the matter, and helps me to release and clear ‘stuff’ and baggage I’ve been carrying around for years – from this lifetime and others. I always feel so safe with her, and I love how she honours, encourages and celebrates my journey. Her Light Language clears issues so quickly it’s amazing – she is amazing – I don’t call her Amazing Grace for nothing !

Tauranga, New Zealand

AmayahGrace has the ability to go straight to Source in her healing work which enables her to channel energy quickly and strongly. Experiencing pain and discomfort myself, AmayahGrace channelled straight to the pain which was unblocked with my emotions and was released. During one of her evenings as a speaker at our Healing & Spiritual Centre, she took us all through a beautiful healing process/meditation. Many people said afterwards that it was really powerful, and that they experienced healing and felt much lighter than they had at the start of the evening. With love and blessings to you….

Mt Maunganui, New Zealand

I am a Reiki practitioner and I live in the UK. I have worked with AmayahGrace on a number of occasions from here in England and find her to be extremely professional and understanding to my needs. She has been able to assist me and help me on my journey of healing. I would highly recommend her, her energy is amazing and an opportunity to work with her should not be missed.

Nottingham, UK

When I met AmayahGrace there was no question who I was to see - even though there was choice. I was drawn without knowing who she was or what she did. The work we did that day and since, has oftentimes been profound, gentle, all-encompassing and always life enhancing. AmayahGrace is unassuming in her approach and unique in her style, and most of all effective in what she has to offer as a healer.

Auckland, New Zealand

I recommend AmayahGrace to anyone requiring healing. Her healing channels are clear and pure. This facilitates a high connection between her specialised Ascended Master healing team and the client. It is a joy to know these divine and high Beings are working through her and so with me, the client. I especially recommend her original healing “Forgive and Release”. This is an amazing way to release the core of an issue without getting involved and hooked into the story. I have had many forgive and release sessions and can’t recommend them highly enough. I have had several operations and I used them as preventative measures, so my cellular memory didn’t retain the trauma of the operation. Even though I was unconscious, my body was under stress from the anaesthesia, the surgeon’s knife, the ongoing drugs, the loss of organs etc. The forgive and release helped in the healing process and helped to erase this from the cellular memory, so in future lives I don’t have to address this. AmayahGrace offers a unique and beautiful healing experience – be part of it.

Hamilton, New Zealand

AmayahGrace is one of the most inspirational women I have met. I have undergone professional supervision, and healing, under her gentle and empowering style. She creates a safe space for you and allows you to find your own answers, and seeks to shift energies which no longer serve your purpose in a way that feels 'safe', nurturing and simply 'ok'. She is warm with her embrace, highly skilled in all areas of life and regularly stays in touch. Many thanks for your continued light and blessings and wisdom. Words can't express my gratitude for your guidance and support over the years....Eternally grateful.....

Auckland, New Zealand

Long is the journey of life.  Just when an oasis beckons, AmayahGrace is that cool, thirst-quenching refreshment, lovingly found under a shady palm. Soft and gentle is her healing soul and enlightening her guiding gaze.  The fortune I presently experience is countenance to AmayahGrace’s ability to heal. Thank you for having the courage to be you. You are a gift to us all.

Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you again for your time with me.   It was a great privilege to be able to forgive and release in this manner with you and the Masters.

Just wanted to update you in regards to the Inner Child Healing.   First of all, I have been in a very prayerful mood.  My heart feels very sensitive. When I do pray, I feel the love right away... My being feels like it is being purified, I feel raw, cleaner, and clearer.  Do you remember the first time we talked and I mentioned how I felt like I was going insane, losing control of my mind?   After today's prayer, the love stabilized my mind into just quiet peace...
Right now, all I feel like doing is pray and pray...

Texas, USA

Love Yourself—and others—Unconditionally  
  Respect Your Choices—and those of others   
Honour Your Journey—and that of others