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Respect Your Choices—and those of others

Love Yourself—and others—Unconditionally

Honour Your Journey—and that of others

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Healing the Heart of the Matter covers a range of channelled processes designed to help free you to live a more vibrant, joyous and successful life—by seeking out and removing energetic blocks that keep you from being all you truly can be.

If you find yourself:

  • repeating patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you

  • feeling ‘stuck’ — unable to move forward in your life

  • being unkind to yourself—in thought, word or deed

  • experiencing doubts and anxieties which limit your choices

  • wanting more for yourself and your life...


...then Healing the Heart of the Matter gets right to the core of what is holding you back and—using profound, gentle healing—starts to free you to express all that you can be in this lifetime.

These channelled processes promote inner peace, resilience and strength, release deep-seated core beliefs and heal trauma from this lifetime and other existences. When you ask for ‘Whatever is for my Highest Good right now’, that is what gets healed—and revealed.

This is your opportunity
to open to your Wisdom, Truth and Joy....
….to your Peace, Balance and Harmony


I work with the Ascended Masters, Cosmic and Crystalline energies and your Highest Intent to facilitate healing on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I channel healing in the form of energy, movement and sound—toning and Light Language.



Way of Working

Right from the outset, I will clarify with you the healing 'contract' we both enter into, so you can hold your healing intention in sharp focus while I make myself as clear a channel as possible to support you in manifesting that intention.  


Throughout the entire process, you are an active, conscious co-creator of your own healing, and the outcome is a facilitated co-creation between you and Spirit.


I create a loving, safe environment to encourage you to release and clear limiting beliefs or patterns of behaviour so you can be free to move forward with Ease, Grace and Joy into the Truth of Who You Are.

Healing Sessions


Sessions last about 45mins, and are typically done by Skye or FaceTime (although some can be done distant with the healing transmitted via a photo of you), with in-person sessions if you live in or near Tauranga, New Zealand.

Healing Processes


These are just some of the processes I use, and they are always tailored to meet your needs.  If you have any questions or curiosities, please share with me what you want to change in your life and I can help you select the healing that would best support you in your life journey now.

Trauma Clear

When we experience a trauma of any kind, the memory of it can stay in our energy field and—whether we are aware of it or not—continue to impact our lives in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. It becomes part of the story we tell ourselves and others about who and how we are, and it influences what we choose to do—or not do. If you are ready to let go of the limitations that a trauma has placed on your life, then this beautifully simple process given to me by Spirit can support you in clearing the trauma from all your energy bodies.  It works not only on this lifetime, but through all your lifetimes.


Sessions can take about an hour and can be done in person, by phone or Skype/FaceTime, or distant. If the latter, please email a full-length photo of yourself, with a very brief description of the trauma you're wanting to clear.


$120 NZ

Forgive and Release

This powerful and profound process has been given to me by Spirit to assist in moving through core belief systems easily and effortlessly. It is intended to help you free yourself from the core, cause and effect of deep-seated beliefs and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve your highest good. 

Sessions can take about an hour and can be done in person, by phone or Skype/FaceTime.


$120 NZ


Healing the Wounded Inner Child

No matter how well-intentioned our parents are, they are in fact helping us to have the opportunities we need to learn the lessons we have chosen to learn this lifetime.  


Because we either don't know or can't remember these choices (which were made at a Soul level), we experience our parenting as less than ideal.   As adults, therefore, we act out of the hurts we internalised as we were growing up—and we wonder why our world doesn't work the way we want it to.


Working specifically with Ascended Master Lady Nada, Ascended Master Mother Mary and Ascended Master Kwan Yin, I take you through a simple but profound process of freeing yourself from your personal history (the story you tell yourself and others about why you are as you are). This includes forgiveness, reconciliation and healing your own inner child.

Sessions can take about an hour and can be done in person, by phone or Skype/FaceTime, or distant. If the latter, please email a full-length photo of yourself, with a very brief description of the trauma you're wanting to clear.


$120 NZ


Bringing Balance and Harmony to your Four Bodies


$120 NZ

This is a powerful process to bring Balance and Harmony to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  My ’healing team’ will work with your own team of guides and Masters to clear unresolved trauma from all lifetimes including this one.  This deep clearing can result in your feeling clearer and more energised — and open you to new potentials in your life.  This work can be done distant, by Skype/FaceTime etc. and takes approximately 45mins.


Birth Trauma Clearing


$120 NZ

If you are feeling disconnected and ungrounded—as if you don't belong here—it could be because of trauma you experienced somewhere along your journey onto the planet....either in the womb or while you were being born. This process can help you clear from your cellular structure the memories of your birth process in a way that is gentle, loving and supportive. It will help you to feel more present, more connected and more grounded on the planet.


For Mothers-To-Be

It is perfectly normal and natural to experience both joy and trepidation about the birth of your baby, whether it is your first or not.   We can work to clear any doubts or concerns, or memories of previous pregnancies, so you can deepen the emotional and spiritual connection between you and your baby.  This then becomes the loving, supportive foundation for your pregnancy and the birth process.

The work takes about an hour and can be done in person, by phone or Skype/FaceTime, or distant. If the latter, please email a full-length photo of yourself.

Healing with the Seer of Time

The Seer of Time is a vast Being—She knows ALL: past, present and future, across all dimensions and planes. She is the Overseer of the Akashic Records. She has stepped forward at this time to heal the unique thread that each individual is in the tapestry of the Universe.  The Seer of Time says that the damage to our threads occurred when the twin flames were split for the first time—from there, damage continues lifetime after lifetime.  She will work on your thread both at a soul level and inter-dimensionally. The whole process can take up to an hour, and is the most beautiful and profound experience.

The work can be done in person, by phone or Skype/FaceTime, or distant.  If the latter, please email a full-length photo of yourself.


$120 NZ


Post-Op Trauma Clearing

No matter how successful the outcome of an operation, both you and your body will have experienced trauma to a greater or lesser extent. Clearing this physical and emotional trauma from your cellular memory will greatly increase the speed with which you both recover.


This work can be done by Skype/Facetime, by phone or distant—in which case, you will need to send me a full-length photo of you, and let me know what the operation was for.


$120 NZ


'Going into Hospital'....'and Coming Home Again'

I have been guided to put in writing some of the tools and tips I’ve passed on over the years to people before, during and after their hospital stays. My intention here is to support people while their bodies are experiencing the necessary skills and expertise of their medical team—and the much lengthier process of healing afterwards at home (which was prompted by my own experience).  These two documents are simply worded and each is only two pages long.


Please feel free to pass them to anyone you feel they may help.


Thank you. 




I have worked with AmayahGrace for my spiritual growth over a number of years now. Although I have worked with others also, there is one thing which has stood out for me with her work. This is the fact that with all sessions we've had, I have always felt as though I am surrounded by an ocean of love whilst doing the work with her. The loving support which has often engulfed me, brings me back to do key pivotal work which requires this level of support. I thank you for your truly unconditional love and support during these sessions. Love and gratitude.

Auckland, New Zealand

The light that shines from AmayahGrace will capture your heart immediately and fill it with love, compassion and happiness.

I was in a very sad place, no matter how hard I was trying I couldn’t seem to shift back to my positive and usually joyous self. I felt a huge weight was upon me.

The change that has transpired on the day of my healing session and in the following week was truly amazing. I am free to love and be loved to find beauty and connection and be joyous again. I thank you with all of my heart.

Mildura, Australia

I feel very peaceful. Had the best sleep last night. Thank you very much AmayahGrace. My mum would also like to book in to see you. She can see how peaceful I am after seeing you.

Tauranga, New Zealand

You have really caused a wonderful light to go on in my world.

London, UK

What a privilege and honour to find someone as gentle, kind, wise and supportive as AmayahGrace to take you through a journey of forgiveness and release of a situation that was disruptive, emotionally draining and the potential to be carried forward without resolution without her guidance in letting go. Now there is release, there is freedom, there is space and there is love. There is also Light and Truth and Love. Thank you.

Auckland, New Zealand

I was truly honoured and blessed to have had an Inner Child healing session with the beautiful AmayahGrace. What am amazing session it was to start off the healing process, it was very clear, gentle, supportive and full of unconditional love and compassion.

Liverpool, UK