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Bravery or Courage

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Have been pondering these two words quite a bit this week: on the surface, they appear interchangeable but to me they feel different. It is as if ‘being brave’ is not the same as ‘being courageous’, and there is a difference (although maybe more subtle) between ‘an act of bravery’ and ‘an act of courage’. Maybe it is that ‘courage’ comes from the French word coeur meaning ‘heart’. And 'bravery' comes into English (via French, Italian and Spanish) from Latin barbarus (barbarous = extremely brutal; primitive and uncivilised). I don't know....

So....does it take courage to be brave? Do you need to be brave to have courage? Soldiers may be brave, but are they courageous? We hear talk of ‘our brave troops/boys’, but rarely of 'our courageous troops'.

Putting all that to one side:

How will you be brave in this next week? Just how will your courage manifest itself?