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Completing the Old — Creating the New

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

This simple exercise is a loving gift to yourself. You can use it in the lead-up to the year ahead, whether that be the calendar year or your birthday (or if you are about to enter a new decade). You could use it when you’re moving into a new home. Whatever the occasion, allow yourself a couple of weeks to complete the exercise.

If you were to do this for the New Year, then somewhere around the middle of December, you’d set yourself up with four sheets of paper with the headings:

1. My achievements in this current year

2. What I acknowledge and complete (release) from this current year

3. What I bring forward from this current year and intend to enhance in the

coming year

4. What I manifest in the coming year*

Start writing whatever flows from the end of your pen. When you feel you’ve written everything, leave it and invite your subconscious or your Higher Self to play with it and to bring forward over the coming days those events, ideas and feelings which you need to include.

On New Year’s Eve, create a clear energetic space to honour the work and your intentions by transforming your scribbled notes into clearly written pages.

Then, just before midnight, go into a meditative state holding your pages, and express heartfelt and soulfelt gratitude to all the Masters and guides who had been with you throughout the year—and farewell those who worked with you for specific purposes. (If you are pretty certain you’ll fall asleep before midnight, just set the intention to complete this while you sleep—they’ll help you!)

At least once in the next year, you may want to look back at what you’d written— not to beat yourself up for what you haven’t done, but to appreciate and celebrate how much you’ve grown and just what you have achieved.

* this needs to come from your Higher Self and/or your Soul. If you know how to do the Perfect Path exercise, then all you need to do is to check that you’re on it. If you aren’t familiar with the Perfect Path exercise, then please get in touch and I will talk you through it.

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